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Default Re: hookah problem, weird leakage

If you're getting water in the hose then there is too much in the base. And yes, if it collects in the hose while smoking it gets pretty nasty looking. This used to happen to me when I used my little 10" generic pumpkin at the beach. Put just enough water in to cover the bottom of the stem and it'll smoke alright. The hose may be fucked though; if it's not washable it will rust. You can check this by running a magnet over the hose. If it is attracted to the hose then it has a a steel wire in it and is not washable. If this is the case you're gonna need a new hose. If it doesn't attract then the hose is washable. If this is the case then you're OK. Either way it's probably a shitty little hose, so find a good site and get youself a new rig and a good hose. GIANT HOOKAHS RULE!!!!!! Go Egyptian or Syrian.
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