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Default Re: ID my hookah please!

Definitely Chinese.

The corrosion is going to both affect the flavor and weaken the metal. The part on the bottom, where the hose and downstem plugs into, is called the chamber. This hookah has what is called a plated common chamber, which means moisture is going to collect in there and there's nothing you can do about it. Eventually it will rust out and need to be replaced.

I don't want to steal your thunder, but honestly, it's a standard el cheapo Chinese pipe. That said, $25 is not bad at all, and it will probably serve you well while you set your sights on a handmade Egyptian or Syrian pipe. That being said, be glad you're not one of the people who paid $50-$100 for this type of pipe new... You dodged a huge bullet there.

Welcome to the forum, you'll learn a lot. I learn stuff everyday.
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