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Default Re: **********s Mini Alien Officially for sale!

Originally Posted by HookahWaffle View Post
Well, if you can find a tangiers mini for $15, go for it. Good luck with that .
No kidding. Expect to pay closer to $50+ bucks for a Tangiers mini. And who has Tangiers smalls for fifteen dollars now? I'm not being sarcastic, I actually want to know.

Anyways, I ordered one of these, and ended up spending way more than I should have. I always feel like its a waste just to ship one item with the flat rate cost, so I always have to buy coals and tobacco too. Haha.

Anybody who is complaining about the price, don't bother. It costs money to have someone make these custom bowls by hand, and that will obviously be reflected in the price. Personally, its well worth the cash based off of the amount of Tangiers I smoke. The bowl will pay for itself in no time thanks to not having to waste so much 'baccy.