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Default Re: in need of help....

Originally Posted by hookahsmoketeam View Post
i believe having another 2 hose hookah just bigger might be an alternative but most of the time those 3-4 hoses would almost always be in use...
and for the Egyptian/Syrian hookahs i just cant see myself with one when we are always outside... i just dont think they will be stable enough for us... its all cobble stone back yard and the cracks and dips just do not make it easier
You have to keep in mind that the vase isn't made of paper. They're very stable considering most of them hold 1-1.5L of water, which is 1-1.5kg on top of the weight of the glass, so unless your bowl weighs more than 1kg the center of gravity on the rig is going to be low enough where nothing short of gale force winds are going to knock it over.

The main reason I argue against multi-hose hookahs is because the first two I owned were chinese 2 hosers. I smoked with a good friend of mine all the time, and one of us would forget to cover the hose with our thumb fairly often. It caused lots of annoyances.

Again though, I'm not trying to talk you out of any purchases, just trying to keep people informed.
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