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Default Re: **********s Mini Alien Officially for sale!

Originally Posted by DaSebsch View Post
I doubt they're actually hand made like Crown Hookah's bowls are hand made. Of course they're not made for nothing, it obviously costs money to make them, but when it comes down to it, when mass ordering a product, the product itself costs very little. The vendor has to sell if for more money because they have to make enough profit to maintain the website (in this case), pay for the shipping of the product from the wholesaler/manufacturer to HJ, and then money for profit is added. Depending on how much profit you think is fair for you to collect, for example with SB tobacco, they obviously collect a LOT of profit, you sell it for a certain price.
To me, it's still too expensive. I think making a Vortex takes more precision and manufacturing time than a Funnel, and Vortexs go for $6.50-$10 a pop. Just my personal opinion.
I asked him about this and as far as he told me they are made the same way Eric has his made. He found a someone in So-Cal capable of the capacity to make them by him. The Vortex bowls are mass produced in China, just like the MYA bowls. You can tell by the type of clay they are made of.