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Default Re: Just ordered some DM

1: Hookah1 has it in 300 grams, 500 grams, 1 kilo and 2 kilo sizes.
2: DM has subtle flavors and is not the candy store shisha! Traditional and awesome, unless you are hooked on fruity stuff. Also don't expect big clouds, but awesome taste.
3: I got used to DM pretty quick, but I have a high tolerance for nicotine since I smoke cigs. Many people warn new users not to hoover it... I really don't think there is buzz to it, but everyone is different.
4: I haved smoke DM in many types of bowls, and have never been disappointed! It needs heat and time to start, then back off on the heat and expect 2-5 minutes to start.
There are tons of forum and video reviews of DM. Chat with Husky, CaptHowdy and HonestPuck! These DM jedi are full of knowledge...
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