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Default Re: Exotica coals? cheap replacement for *******?

Originally Posted by KoRnKitten View Post
That exotica's are great, the price is great, they last, and burn well. That and they are the only coal I like to use? Yeah. That about sums it up.
No smells, no tastes, and they always last me half a bowl (which is about 40- 50 minutes.) The coco's I tried shattered into a million pieces when they got small (HATE COCONUT COALS) , ashed like hell, and I'll never use them again if I can help it. I sure won't pay for them again.
Oh come one KK. I love coconut coals. Maybe the ones you got were affected by moisture or something :P but seriously, everyone has their preferences and everyone has different experiences. Some people love Japanese style coals and personally I can't stand the damn things. A lot of it comes down to personal opinion and various environmental factors.

I admit that I am a huge fan of coconut coals but I do admit that they ash like nothing else. CH coals make a very sandy ash and Coconara make a very fine ash that is not quite as light as natural lump charcoal.

As stated earlier I am making my next coal order entirely exotica to be able to make a full comparison having used all style of charcoal at that point.

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