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Smile Re: Exotica coals? cheap replacement for *******?

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
You have 4 MODs saying they really like the Exoticas! Do you see any advertisement for Exoticas here?? :: Looking Around :: NO .. Absofriggenlutely NOT!

For the record ... This is an HONEST and UNBIASED community. We have a 0 tolerance for either falsified paid promotion or free product in exchange for falsified promotion. We like our integrity intact That's how we roll ..

I've said it before .. I'll say it again. MY two coals of choice are #1 Coconaras and #2 Exoticas. Both coals last a LONG time, longer than ANY other natural coal I have used. They also have VERY minimal smell when lighting on my stove with the fan off. AND they don't affect the taste of the hookah tobacco while smoking. Ohhh and they both ash really nicely.

So to answer your question? I am sorry, I know some of you swear by ******* Hookah Coals .. but the Coconara and Exoticas are far superior! That is just my opinion though .. heck what do I know? I've only tried about 40+ different coals during my lifetime as a hookah hobbyist

I keep Coconara and Exoticas on my refrigerator, next to my stove. Both of them get two thumbs up!

.. and YES I love Vortex bowls too. The combination with either of these coals is the perfect hookah setup for me (hence why I keep them on hand for my coals of choice)
Nice Rant lol
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