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Default Re: Your Local Stores

as far as i've found, there are only 3.5 places locally to buy anything hookah related
1) hookah lounge sells AF flavors, pretty good selection. $5 for 50g or $20 for 250g, 3kings QL's for $3 per roll
2) tobacco store has al waha $5 for 50g, romman $6 for 50g, some herbal whatnot for about the same. don't really smoke any of these, so it's been a while since i've been there. QL's for like $25 per box and nat coals for widely varying prices. think i bought a box of exoticas there for like $9 one time and went in the next time and they were asking something like $17
3) local "head shop" has al waha for maybe $3.50 for 50g and a brand that starts with "L" and was very wet for like $4 for 50g. haven't been there in a long time, so could have gone up
3.5) asian market will randomly sell AF golden grape @ $3 for 50g, but i've only successfully purchased that once, as they rarely actually have any...

buying locally sux. i try to save up until i visit my brother and stock up on 250g of AF flavors @ $11 each
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