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SHIPPING - 10/10
I have made 10+ orders with HC, and each time it is processed and shipped same/next day depending on how early/late I order. Like previously noted, they pack everything very good. In the order I got today, the box was huge and filled with packing peanuts, just for a kilo of tobacco, a hose and some coals. Definitely not necessary, but its better than how most vendors ship stuff. There was no way this stuff was going to get damaged.

They do ship by weight, so you don't need to pay a $10+ flat rate charge when you are only ordering a few small things. Even at heavier weights, its still not bad at all. I think it was 15 bucks for a hookah and a ton of coals/baccy.

PRICE 10/10
Very comparable to most places online. The 15 percent discount code (can be used on any amount I believe) is one of the best around. If you spend 50 bucks, you get a free 50g of Fusion. 100 plus dollars, and you'll get a free 250g.

Selection 9/10
Perfect for me. I order mostly Tangiers, and they constantly have a great supply or noir and lucid. The Nakhla supply is a little limited right now though. They have a ton of great pipes. I got my solid brass Nour from them a couple years ago, and its still the best pipe I have ever used.

They have a ton of other brands and flavors I don't care for, but if thats your thing... there you go. Haha. A great selection of other accessories as well, including a ton of KM hoses, Tangiers phunnels and all of that good stuff.


See the shipping section. Great packaging. Glass jars and bowls are always wrapped in bubblewrap.


No complaints. I have spent hundreds of dollars with the company over the lats couple years, and will continue to do a big portion of my shopping with them. I have never had an incorrect order, and everything always gets here in great condition. Highly recommended vendor!
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