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Default Re: Exotica coals? cheap replacement for *******?

Originally Posted by KoRnKitten View Post
I hated Coca-cola when I was little and LOVED Pepsi. I grew up and now hate pepsi and love coke. Just an example. A very weak example because I am swamped at work, but an example none the less.
No doubt that was weak, lol.

I have tried Exoticas and found them to less then exotic. I switch between CH Nats (Uniform shape) and the CoCo-Nara (Seem to Last Longer).

Each to their own but I would say the three selections here are the primary usage of this community if I could go so far. You should be safe with any of them and hell just buy a small box of each and do a comparison yourself. Fuck everyone else's opinions and just go with what works for you!
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