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Thanks thomas for taking the time to bring this up. Look. It's no secret that there are elements outside of HP that are sewing the seeds of unrest and the like. We're aware of it and we will deal w/it. We always do. But your larger point is of respect. HP was built by shisha enthusiasts FOR shisha enthusiasts. We pride ourselves on maintaining a solid, dedicated member base that treats one another w/a level of respect that we all expect in return.Dedication is the keyword here. This big sexy beeyotch that we call Hookahpro was built by dedicated members FOR dedicated members. We all get loose from time to time and mess w/one another. Honestly, that's what friends do. And we're all friends here.My point? HP is all about a solid community of friendly shisha smokers to come together and discuss and debate the finer(and sometimes not so ''finer'') points of our historic hobby. It's not about the vendors. It's not about the manufacturers.It's about US! The members. And we do need to show one another the common courtesies that we all expect in return.
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