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Default Re: **********s Mini Alien Officially for sale!

Yes and no Mitchard and Dasebsch,

My personal feelings on the matter:

A lot of people are taking these attacks personally, including the mods and Admins. There has been a lot of "insinuation"over the past few days/ weeks that SamB (and others) are being biased in their reviews. I take offense to this, as I am sure SamB and the other mods do too. Who cares if you paid for a product or not. . Just be HONEST and bam! Wallah! and nobody would care if you purchased it or received free product. This "show your receipt movement" is laughable, not going to get into it why, except to say "Methinks, Thou doth protest too much"....

Andplusalso... Who say's a receipt can't be fabricated?
Or even better, how about real receipts and discount prices? Where does the line of "show me your invoice, so that makes you unbiased" going to be drawn? " Hey KK, Here's your receipt to show how legit you are!!!111!"....... . Will I still be considered unbiased if I have a 10, 20, 45, 60 , HELL 90% discount? I PAID for it didn't I? So do we as a public get to see your Paypal or CC statement so we can then calculate the suggested retail price on the site to your invoice price and then verify that's what you paid? NO, that's freaking ABSURD! Do you get my point?

This is also making me wonder about "fan boys" who sing the praises of inferior products just because they love a particular vendor? Will fan boys get their credibility questioned as well?... I digress.

It all boils down to two things: Either you have integrity or you don't. You can be bought off, and paid for your reviews like banned vendors have done in the past to certain youtube reviewers, or you can be honest about what you have and what you've got. If it tastes like crap, say so. If it is awesome say so. If it's so- so, then SAY SO!

We have NEVER encouraged/ asked / insinuated/ implied/ or other wise- ANYONE to lie, or fabricate a review for free product. We have BEGGED and PLEADED in the past (and recently) to not do this. THIS HELPS NOBODY BUT THE VENDOR TO SELL A SHIT PRODUCT.

We are a community for hookah smokers, NOT a community for vendors to try and shoot fish in a barrel.

You can look at my reviews like this. I'm not going to waste my time and my credibility to post up a review, if it's not the truth. Neither would SamB, or the rest of the mods.

I have too much going on in my life, and in my daily grind to screw with liars and drama. So in a nut shell:
1. take responsibility for your reviews and what you say
2.This isn't a vendor driven forum, it's a enthusiasts driven forum.
3. If you don't like what your using/ getting/ whatever say so and be done with it. Vendors are not going to come hunt you down because you don't like a product....
4. We all have different tastes. Different strokes for different folks. It's going to happen, so please don't judge people just because YOU have a problem with a product. And don't call them "biased" because they liked it and you didn't. I like Mya and AF. I really dislike Nakhla, and KM. That doesn't mean they put me up to saying it.

So please, lets stop with this drama, get this thread back on track and get back to smoking, shall we? and sorry this took me what seemed to be hours to type up at work.