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Default Re: Heavy duty cleaning....

Actually I just tried something new for the first time and it worked incredibly well and it was very simple. First using the stem brush and hot water i cleaned the stem. Second i put some cold water in the base shook it up and dumped it out. NOthing special in the first 2 parts clearly. Step 3 i put half a cup of baking powder in the base then i put the stem back on on. Using a small actual funnel i pour about a cup of reg vinegar into the funnel. If you went to middle school you know this causes a volcanic like eruption that expands into all the nooks of the base the air ports the stem and out the top. Once the reaction is complete let it sit for a few minutes then use cold water to wash it out and you should be golden. Just make sure to rinse it well afterwards and it come out smelly nearly new! Also you can do it in separate pieces just cork the stem with something household. If you go for method 1 dont put the stem all the way in as the reaction causes expansion and if it has nowhere to go i would imagine it could potentially cause some breakage and that would just be heartbreaking

PS; DO this in a sink!!!!

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