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Default Spiced Desi Murli

Well, I have wanted to do this for awhile. Last week, I just decided to buck up, pay for all the expensive products I was going to use, and start up.

here's the deal:

I took plain Desi and lined a large Ziploc with foil. I then sliced up some Vanilla bean (shit was expensive), 3 Whole Cardamom, 3 cinnamon sticks, 2 Star Anise, 8 whole clove, and I have been trying to figure out a way to add in Nutmeg. This is in about 150 grams of Desi. I'm just going to see how this works out, It's all sealed and I have been mixing it every 2 days.

My Questions:
Is there a way to get Nutmeg flavoring in there without grinding it? Can you slice Nutmeg? Could I smash it?

The spice mixture is very strong smelling, and very enjoyable. Anyone know anything about absorption of tobacco, glycerin, molasses, or honey?

Should I use a different container?

I want this to work, and I'm giving it a month. . Comments?
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