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Default Re: Exotica coals? cheap replacement for *******?

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
I've always had a hard-on for them! I think I have like 4 boxes of Exoticas and 4 boxes of Coconaras .. two of the best coals out there in my opinion.

Maybe you aren't lighting them all the way? Or maybe you need to acclimate them? Just Playing

I like your honesty Capt! That is how I feel too .. Coconara have very little smell when lighting inside the house with no fan, new Exoticas (pre-scored) are just a tiny bit but hardly noticeable, and ******* Coals give off an odor that gives me a headache. They have become my camping coals (just stick them in the bonfire to light)

Anyway, everybody has their own preferences and opinions ..


Well, actually, as coals naturally regulate humidity, I have decided this must be a factor, as all the reviews everyone has done with exoticas have always been good. I can't get Exoticas to work, not even a tiny bit, the scored batch left what looks like an asteroid shower on the carpet at my friend's house after they crumbled while I was moving them!
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