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Default Re: Spiced Desi Murli

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
Nutmeg is very hard and brittle. The most common way to use it is shaving it down with a rasp. If you want to be able to remove it later I would suggest using a piece of cheese cloth and smashing the nutmeg into piece. It my only add a little flavor in this way if any at all.
I thought about this too, but the cheesecloth would absorb too much of the already mixed in liquid ingredients I would think.

Originally Posted by DRMALIKIA View Post
Or use a nutmeg syrup of some kind. Could also try soaking the nutmeg in glycerin or break it up into manageable pieces and toss it in for removal later.

Look under Nutmeg Natural
How true to flavor would you think this would taste? From my experience with flavorings, commercial flavorings are always a bit off, and I would probably want to use something that's more like an extract, for flavor quality and strength mainly. Any idea where I would be able to find an extract maybe?
Originally Posted by BIGPOPPA View Post
this is a really cool idea Zen. Actually tobacco is notorious for absorbing odors so maybe you dont have shave or grind the nutmeg, if you can place a big enough piece in with the rest of the spices (Kal's cheescloth idea is awesome) i think the tobacco would absorb the scent/taste of the nutmeg in the months time.
What I'm thinking, about the nutmeg, is that I can get something that shaves off larger chunks, like maybe the larget side of a cheese grater?
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