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Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
There are people that get more heated then others, and take shunning of John personally. it happens, it just shows how much people actually support John and his products. I don't think it's out of hand until members start personally attacking each other.
This is a thread about respect in general. Not any specific individual or occurrence.

Personally, there is a very short list of reasons that justify me being disrespectful of other people. Most of you will never see any of those reasons manifest themselves. Liking someone or something is not a reason. If I lashed out at everything I didn't like by slinging insults, making accusations and cursing at people with no regard to the context I would not last on here. If I attacked people that had the opposite opinion to mine I would not be very popular. Or maybe I would. Who knows.

Some people seem to think that this forum is about sides and teams. The Nakhla people, Tangiers fans, KM folks, Syrian lovers et cetera. None of it matters. We all have our tastes and our likes but it seems that some people took the jokes made about the "cult of Nakhla" seriously.

Who cares about the teams. We are part of Team Hookahpro, every last one of us and it's the best team to back. We built this community so that hookah lovers could come here and feel safe from accusations of illegal activity and from overly pushy and underhanded sponsorship. We have done a good job of that and I am proud to be a part of a community where we can openly express our dislikes with ANYTHING legal and have no fear of bans or reprimand. I can't say as much about every community on the net.

Nobody should be treated poorly because they hold an opinion. Public attacks, accusations and insults are not taken lightly here. None of you would deserve to be treated in such a way and I hope that you would never accept it happening to anyone else.

So why would anyone over look such disrespect? I want to hear a single good reason to overlook public attacks and accusations of another member of this family?
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