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Default Re: Exotica coals? cheap replacement for *******?

Originally Posted by KoRnKitten View Post
To each their own Zen. To each their own. I have liked exotica coals since the beginning. There were some problems when they had the "water damage" or whatever excuse was given, but when that problem went away, I was happy again. I have tried other coals, I just have them as my main preference.

This and other forums were in an uproar when they kept getting the "bad batches" or the "supposed bad batches" and then when things settled down and got back to normal, everybody was fine with them. Hence, where we are today. Just because people hated something yesterday doesn't mean by default people have to hate something next week, next month, next year even. Things change, taste buds change, and people change.

And then there's wierd people like me who've used Exoticas since they came on the market and never experienced any of those problems.
They're as consistent as Nakhla.
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