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Originally Posted by Blaat View Post
nats give more heat if you ask me
I'm going to have to disagree, one 33m quicklight is hotter than one nat, that's why you see people only use 1-2 ql when some people use up to 3-4 nats. nawwutimsayin?
Quicklites are fine from some brands, like 3 kings. They do smell while lighting but I can not detect any taste from them, an I've never had a headache from them before (3 kings that is). I don't like them because they ash funny to me, it's super fine and there is a lot of it.
Naturals are my preferred, They ash in more... chunks, which means less ash in the bowl and therefore, ash in the hookah. (easy clean up). They, again from my experience, don't have a taste, and burn colder, allowing for more heat control, which can result in a longer session etc. The downside is that they do smell while lighting. It's not a bad smell, camp firey mostly, but they do smell for the majority of lighting time.
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