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Originally Posted by CaptHowdy View Post
Washable is obvious. You can wash it out and it's all good.

Non washable on the other hand can be just as good if no better. If you get enough non washable hoses you can designate them to certain flavors. Citrus, Melon, DA, Coffee etc. Eventually they will start enhancing the flavors.

Personally go with what you like and get it. I have several of each and find myself using non washable more and more lately.

i like both type of hoses..

washables because if it gets ghosted all i have to do is wash that sucker out.. and its noob friendly..

Non-washable because like Capt. said.. they can be assigned to a specific type of flavor or specific tobacco like Nakhla DA..

just remember DO NOT WET the non-washable hose inside or out.. we don't want to see another poor member make a thread asking what are the little black bits that are flying out of their hoses
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