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Default Re: Whats better?

Originally Posted by CaptHowdy View Post
Washable is obvious. You can wash it out and it's all good.

Non washable on the other hand can be just as good if no better. If you get enough non washable hoses you can designate them to certain flavors. Citrus, Melon, DA, Coffee etc. Eventually they will start enhancing the flavors.

Personally go with what you like and get it. I have several of each and find myself using non washable more and more lately.
I agree with Capt, it is great to have both hoses. I use my washable hose if I'm trying a new flavor to see how bad it ghosts and see if it can warrant a non-washable hose. Presently my most used hose is actually a Syrian non-washable that I use with almost all my black tobaccos. I've been using this hose for close to a year and it has built up a wonderful flavor that compliments my tobaccos. I'm also building up flavor in another hose for Ask. Apple because the flavor is a little too mellow without the added ghosting.

If you're just starting out I recommend grabbing a washable hose at first, it will serve you well.

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