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Default Re: Spiced Desi Murli

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
How did you get the cinnamon out?
When I've mixed moassel with cloves or cinnamon, measure out the tobacco first and then I mix in a very small amount(a shake or two). After adding the spices add my molasses and glycerin on top and mix very throughly. I've never had any problems with harshness or burning mixing it in because it is such a small amount and the wetting agents are also added. Your method seems to be a bit different because you're trying to get the tobacco to absorb the aromas of the spices in which case you might be able to take something like a film canister and fill it with the ground cinnamon and then poke holes in the top of the canister(or even go as far as to leave the cap off) and sit it upright in the baggie. After you've let everything sit and stew in its wonderful smells you can open the baggie back up and take out the various spices before smoking.

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