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Default Re: DM Explosion in a Box!

Originally Posted by 03rivers View Post
Have you tried any more dm yet? I have found with dm that the flavors are generally more in the background to the tobacco and earthy flavors and thats what creates the complexity which makes it such an enjoyable smoke. Also if 3 coals and a windcover is taking 20 minutes then try using 4 coals and a windcover and once you start getting good smoke then take one coal off because dm likes heat but too much and it burns easily also
No not had another session since last night, had work all day. Going to try either the chadamaom (spelling) or Khus tonight. Hope it goes better.

Originally Posted by CaptHowdy View Post
3 coals on a vortex is fine. I dont understand why it was taking so long. I have 3 coals with a wind cover for 10-15 minutes and everything is fine. Take the wind cover off and just leave 3 on there.
Now here is the thing I have seen between different people commenting on DM. Some have said it is a dryer tobacco and others have said it is very wet. My batch is like half soaked in liquid so I am unsure which is the proper DM formula here. It was rolling so hot and not producing even a minimal amount of smoke that it was boiling. I have been only smoking for a couple months but read a lot and try not to be the ignorant fool most days, lol. I will just have to keep at it and figure it out session by session. But yeah 20+ minutes I was dieing and getting annoyed.

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