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Default Re: **********s Mini Alien Officially for sale!

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
Thanks Abu Ronin for having my back .. it is frustrating and I think people are being fed A LOT of lies .. I am about to go ballistic!

If people actually look at my reviews, you will see good and bad. One of the most recent was on my FAVORITE brand of tobacco, Nakhla! It was Nakhla Mizo Guava. Anyway, I say I got it from ********** .. do my video very sadly because I don't like it and I HATE to give a bad review to my favorite brand, BUT I am HONEST AND UNBIASED so I tell the truth about the product. And then proceed to say "But not to take away from all the stuff that ********** has, lots of flavors and brands" or something like that

See for yourself ..Check it out here: It was shot a couple weeks ago.

I'm not biased nor dishonest, and certainly not out to bamboozle John! SO take the time to educate yourselves of what I actually do. Please. There are two sides to EVERY story! I guess I AM going to have to go public, since John seems to feeding out some misguided information.

Sorry to thread jack but this is very upsetting to me.
it wasnt a personal stab at you sam.
i just heard some things and i thought they needed to be brought up.
i love HP and i love the community.
i just want everyone to be free and if some people dont like the business or their way of doing it they should just move on to someone else.
i'm in no way a puppet for John. i like his products and i just stated my opinion. i pay full price for everything i get. i'd rather pay instead of getting free stuff.
if u wanna discuss it further pm me.
or send me an email.

sorry for the mixup.