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Default Looking to buy a KM :)

Hi everyone,

I've only been smoking shisha for about a month but already I'm looking to buy a new hookah. The one I currently own (Fata Morgana 2 hose) is half decent but after only half a dozen sessions I can see signs of corroding in the metal. Particularly in the hose grommet areas.
I'm looking to buy a Khalil Mamoon because everyone seems to be swearing by these. There are 2 that I am interested in...(the first 2 at the top of the page of the following link..

I have a quick question in regard to the metals that certain hookah stems are made from. Is brass or stainless steel the way to go? The Jewel KM in the link is brass (and slightly more expensive) whilst the Butterfly is steel. I'm leaning toward the green one simply because it looks stunning.

Looking forward to your replies

Thanks in advance!
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