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Default Re: friend disagreement

Originally Posted by erok623 View Post
yah im not too sure if leaving in for a couple days would break down the bowl... my guess is if you leave the shisha sitting in the bowl for a couple days you would have to scrub a little bit harder because the juices had dried up on the bowl. so maybe if your scrubbing the bowl harder you could be wearing it down a bit. i rather just clean it right away just cuz the juices are much more easier to clean off when its still warm.
I find that to not be true either. I had a little juice from some Mizo that some how landed on my desk, and I forgot to clean it right then an there (as I would have normally :X). And then I didn't use my desktop for about a week, therefore I didn't see or think about it. And just about an hour ago I wiped it up :3 there is no residue and it wasn't solid. I think it's because the sugars don't have any solids to solidfy, unless frozen.
TL; DR Being lazy here is okay.

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