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Default Painful Hookah Night

After work I do the usual, shower up, get comfortable, and set up a nice hookah. In the process I stub my toe. No biggie; new house, still can't walk right, etc. None of my hookahs are clean so I go grab my QT for an easy setup and start to scrub. I flip my hair out of the way while cleaning, and nail my forehead on the cupboard.

Only a little blood, so we move on. I start up my little single coil and light up some CCNs. One has the defining line that it is going to break so I ash it rough to save it the trouble. Now I have 1 and 2 1/2 coals, that's fine, with the exception being I am a notorious coal crusher (with tongs LOL). Knowing this I easy up when grabbing the little ones. One makes it, joy! Time for the other one. . . failure. It drops off the bowl and misses the ashtray it continues to roll off my hookah towel. Since I just moved in I'm not going to burn this carpet YET. I try to roll it back on the towel with my finger. One flick, and. . . shit I overshot it. I precede to pick it up with my hands and toss it on the towel, buying me some time to deal with tongs.

Tongs, where are the tongs? I have like 4 pairs what are they all doing? I smell the towel burning. Just have to man up. I grab the coal with my thumb and forefinger and put it on the bowl. Suck-sess, we're smoking! Only a bloody forehead, swollen toe, and white hot fingers. At least this Mizo guava is here to help.
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