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Default Re: Painful Hookah Night

Hey guys wrote this is a daze last night. I couldn't smoke outside because I live down town and it was 3am, and there's no need to mess with the teenager angsters that think being downtown after dark is cool. And also being downtown, well garage is just enough for my car, and maybe stuff inside it. Maybe I'll pull it out, even though that's like threading a needle with sausage. (that's what she said)
Besides that the overnight rest seems to have healed my thumb up, it is pretty heavily calloused(sp?) anyway due to play NES for a long time a couple weeks ago. My finger is in 2 bandages, and is well blistered. The stubbed toe is in regular mode, and the cut on my forehead remains.
And the guava was pretty good. I initially didn't like it but the more I smoke it the better it gets.
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