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Default Re: Soex replacement

I'm willing to try these "not herbals" out and i'd like to see what H-S comes out with. If they use crushed up sugar cane I can't see the point in bothering much because they can't possibly give a smoke with decent texture nor contribute any taste. If the flavouring is great that would help but crush & spent sugar cane duesn't absorb liquid to well so you'll always get a shorter smoke then what you'd get with tobacco and hence, less value.

Calling Soex herbal is stupid, marketing crap designed to make people buy into anti-tobacco hype. I can't see why anything thinks A) it herbal or b) why it's better then tobacco unless they are just ignorant. If you worry about health be smart and don't smoke more then an hour a day and don't inhale. Just enjoy the taste/textures.
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