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Default Re: Does the Height of a hookah matter or what?

Height matters a lot. Short rigs often are made to be cheap as possible and simply are built badly ( ex. Mya QT) even the best of small rigs ( furat's champaigne hookah) are not ideal because the the smoke doesn't have time to cool and shorter pipes give off more CO then the big rigs all other things being equal.

I've found that 26" is the smallest rig you can have that will perform well and the ideal something 32-36". Anything bigger and the draw gets tougher so avoid the monsters.

If you doubt that going with a big rig matters simple testing will prove me right on this one.

People it seems want small rigs do to lack of space which I understand but sometimes they wan't something to walk around with when smoking which is just silly. Narghiles are not about fitting with an activity but they are abount relaxation and stopping doing stuff.
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