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Default Re: hookah mythbusters ?

Originally Posted by Sleepdeprived12 View Post
not to be a dick but that just doesn't seem right, smaller hookah smoking cooler than a larger one w/ chiller. Just doesn't seem right.
Surprised the hell out of us too!

That being said, the "smaller" hookah in question is still a 32 inch pipe. More than enough length for adequate cooling. Also with a copper stem, Copper is less heat conductive. His pipe has a steel stem... I donno, was really interesting though. We both smoked both pipes and reached the same conclusion. The pharonie smoked significantly cooler. It wasn't even subtle. It was quite outwardly evident. We purposely did everything we could to make that chiller as cold as possible.

My own theory is that once you reach a certain length in terms of stem (Say, around 25 inches or so) Any cooling effect is significantly degraded. After traveling so far, the smoke is going to get as cool as it can possibly get, and you hit a point where the additional length will actually begin warming the smoke back to room temp. Just an idea, mind you... I'm not a physicist.
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