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Default Re: hookah mythbusters ?

I have heard people talk a lot about using metal screens over aluminum foil because it is supposedly "safer" and aluminum gives you Alzheimer's. I have heard this a lot some times I have heard it on the forums and other times I have heard it from hookah smokers in my community. I have a couple things to say about that one that might debunk the myth.
1. Those metal screens are primarily made from aluminum so what difference would it make if you used one that was thicker and had holes already poked in it.
2. It takes pretty high temperatures to cause aluminum to evaporate into a gas that could be inhaled by a human. A temperature that is just simply not attainable by coal heat from any quicklight or natural light coal source.
3. The myth that aluminum causes Alzheimer's anyways was a myth started many decades ago and has never had a positive correlation that is significant enough to be considered fact, according to
I have always used foil over a screen and i find that the screen just causes stuff to burn too fast and is just a hassle especially with ash. I hope this will turn someone against the metal screen and towards standard foil.
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