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Originally Posted by Huskysibe View Post
The act of steaming doesnt require water. The tobacco steams in its own juice by heating the bowl up and allowing the juices to steam teh tobacco. We can play fuck fuck games all day as to whether its cooking, sizzling, grilling etc but the bottom line is that the coals dont directly cook the tobacco. So bowl size is irelevant in my opinion as all you need to do is heat up the clay so that it produces a steaming action so you get the desired effect. I didnt make this about John, and I am not saying this bowl doesnt work, I have never used it. Please re-read what I said above and you will see my stance on the comment that was made, that is all.
the second part was directed to the entire thread and not you. this thread isnt called "is john a monster or angel" or "how does the tobacco 'smoke'? is it steaming or cooking or magic?" its called "**********s Mini Alien Officially for sale!" this is how tobacco smokes: