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Default Re: **********s Mini Alien Officially for sale!

So we are all adults, since we have to be 18 or over to belong on HP, but I can't believe how off track this simple thread has gone! Someone got the word out that John's new product was finally on the market, and soon enough, the thread turned into an obvious division between HP members. As Americans we tend to be against censorship, with the rationalization that if you don't want to buy a product, boycott it by simply electing not to purchase the item. If another person desires the same product, so be it! Sad that even a minor could determine from the tangents that people have gone off on that agendas are afoot! People are not stupid... Don't take a rocket scientist to tell that personal issues are jading just about everyone. Now I admit I'm as guilty as the rest... like someone who can't help themselves by rubber-necking at a car wreck, so I keep checking this thread to see how the tug of war is going. Like others I'm sure, I'm saddened in the rift I perceive, and hope that if you agree or disagree with a post, that a reply can be civil and respectful! Value... cost... I'm sure to people who are not into hookah would think we are all crazy for paying any prices we pay for bowls, hoses, hookahs or shisha. I love spending money on hookah stuff, but I'm sure my wife thinks it's all a waste of money... Then again, she spends $400 on a purse, and I'm sure most guys and even some gals would think a $400 purse better have a gold bar in it. Value is in the eye of the beholder. Bias... Just about the time you say you are not, most likely you are. Starts pretty early in life. The bowl being reviewed may objectively be blue, but how well it works for each person, is subjective. And when all else fails... I always try to remember what momma told me: "never argue with a drunk or a fool!"
"There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why... I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?"---Robert Kennedy