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Default Re: Who is your favorite vendor?

Originally Posted by KoRnKitten View Post
I go for three things when looking for my vendors, I like several but :
1. Do they support HP?
2. Who has the best prices/ deals.
3. Who's closest to me so I can get my stuff quick.

I've had positive experiences with almost every vendor here at HP and they are all my favorites depending on what I need to buy and when.
I always try to look for HP supporting vendors, because not only do you get discount codes, but you know they are here to support the community. From there i usually look at selection from a few vendors based on what i want to order, and then compare price points(and i try to factor in shipping). I had been using **********.com and which are both excellent vendors IMO, i recently wanted to try the hookahhookah brand, and while is in the process of implementing it and other new products, they don't have the shots. so I picked through several vendors and stumbled on i haven't recieved my order yet, but the prices were very reasonable. While i think you may find vendors other ways, a supporting vendor for this site is the best way to go (unless you live in another country perhaps) because you will get a better deal with discount codes, and they can't be a terrible vendor without people here giving them terrible reviews.
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