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Default Re: Moving coals around?

Originally Posted by Laimis View Post
I'm Doomed ><
nah man it just takes practice. after a while you will just know, "hey i should ash the coal real quick and move it right now".. but yeah every 10 mins or so you should rotate it around, i am not sure cause i never pay super close attention to the intervals. another thing you can do, is if you have too much heat.. is move the coals and leave it hanging slightly off the bowl, or if you have 2 coals and its too much heat set one on top of the other if you don't want to heat up your tray. Another thing i noticed recently is you don't really want to pack the Egyptian at all, just use the sprinkle method.. i switch to this method from the light pack, and the bowl lasted longer for sure, used slightly less shisha. Its kinda sad that i figured out the vortex long before the Egyptian though.. lol.
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