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Default Re: anyone else see this RE: Coconara

Originally Posted by mitchard View Post
I know its in the rules, but taking away from good conversation due to one or two words being mentioned at the end of a video is a little ridiculous.

And this is why the "competitive" nature of the hookah forums is stupid. People need to grow up and just get over themselves, and their communities. Its getting a bit old. As long as nobody is talking trash, it shouldn't be a big deal. Yes, I know the histories of why its like this, so I don't need a lecture. But still.
You know that some people can't help but bring drama even if they don't mean to. It starts with threads getting off track and then everything goes to hell lol

But in regards to the OP this is something i want to try but not with a microwave that i'm ever gonna have to use again for anything but this. I'm curious how long you could light coco's in it until it broke. Someone should give it a shot.

BP are you saying your not attending the forum v forum throw down at the end of the month? It's organized in the same fashion as the fight in anchorman so GET READY!!!! lol i'm just kidding of course.

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