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This seems to be a common thread. The my parents don't like me smoking in the house kind of thing. My mom didn't like me smoking either, told me outside or not at all, and even when I was outside I got harassed constantly. This just made even more of an argument for "I need to move out". Now, I don't have anybody bothering me about it, minus the occasional comment from the hubby about "That one smells funny, smoke the one I like."

The "she stole my chamber" part is new... Looks like your screwed, dude, unless you can figure out what she did with it. That's the one part I don't know if you can ghetto-rig it. If you do go looking for it, I'd suggest doing it while there's noone else in the house. I'd also suggest looking in the classic parental hiding spots, such as: tops of cabinets, linen closets, bedroom closets, jewelry drawers, and spare bedrooms.

As for the hookah misconception inherent in parents, try explaining exactly what each part of the hookah does, how it works, what you do with it. Show them where you're buying your tobacco from, and the coals. Once they know EXACTLY what you're using, they seem to be a little more forgiving about it.
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