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Default Re: Noob question on multihose hookah

A multi hose hookah is never really necessary. It's only good if you don't have patience and want to be smoking all the time.

The problems arise when there is no auto seal system and people don't plug their hoses. Also there is the matter of fighting for a draw. If one person has much stronger lungs then the second person will not be able to draw at the same time. At that point it's the same as just passing the hose back and forth.

then you get to lots of people drawing with very strong lungs. You can over heat the coals and thus the tobacco resulting in burning if everyone takes big drags at the same time or in rapid sequence. This lessens the life of the coals and of the tobacco.

I suggest a single hose and for the most part it's all I use. I have one three hose and one Mya that can be a one or two hose and rarely use them for these reasons. Also auto seals can get stuck and cause other problems.
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