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Default Re: Why to NOT buy a Chinese Knockoff Hookah.

Obviously my experiences and those that I know are not universal or anything but....

I've been smoking narghiles for a very long time, i've owned something like 50 and ran lounge or a while and I know a heap of people that have smoked as long or longer then I have. When my lounge first opened I bought some a lot of myas and some KMs and after a year i pitched the myas because they all had troubles while KMs never developed any trouble. I've owned something like 6 myas (most were gifts) and none of them lasted more then a year without major trouble. The ones at the lounge were QTs and some larger, pyramid shaped vase one that I can't recall the name. All but 2 of the one I personally had were the expensive, high end deals. The vast majority of the people I've known have not had good luck with Myas.

I know they make millions of them so maybe my experiences don't mean a lot but i'll never buy one again.
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