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Default Re: Why to NOT buy a Chinese Knockoff Hookah.

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
Obviously my experiences and those that I know are not universal or anything but....

I've been smoking narghiles for a very long time, i've owned something like 50 and ran lounge or a while and I know a heap of people that have smoked as long or longer then I have. When my lounge first opened I bought some a lot of myas and some KMs and after a year i pitched the myas because they all had troubles while KMs never developed any trouble. I've owned something like 6 myas (most were gifts) and none of them lasted more then a year without major trouble. The ones at the lounge were QTs and some larger, pyramid shaped vase one that I can't recall the name. All but 2 of the one I personally had were the expensive, high end deals. The vast majority of the people I've known have not had good luck with Myas.

I know they make millions of them so maybe my experiences don't mean a lot but i'll never buy one again.
some mya's definitely do look great. but the material just isnt quality. KM's have the better material but what turns me off is that some are crooked from what ive smoked and seen in pictures, and although ive never cleaned one, a KM does seem difficult to clean.
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