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Default Re: Who is your favorite vendor?

i'd say hookah-shisha first then hookah-john, those are really the only two vendors i've ordered from enough to have an opinion on. HS sent me the right flavor but wrong brand once and credited me for the box of shisha and sent me a free box of whatever i wanted (one of the freebie boxes with my KM...i wouldn't normally complain but it was Al Waha), and i love their points system. John is great, and his CS is normally pretty good, but i've had at least one email fall through somewhere which led to a slightly incomplete order (not a huge deal, was just a base that i wanted...didn't need, just wanted to replace my wobbly one), and there wasn't much of an offer to reconsile, i would have been more than happy to snag it from him, but i really didn't want to have to pay for shipping again
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