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Default Re: Who is your favorite vendor?

Originally Posted by gnuworldorder View Post
so if some random vendor donated 50% of his profits here and costs 10x more youd use them? i dont see how the top 3 arent price/selection of what you want, not screwing up orders, and customer service

Obviously, you need to go back and re-read my post. Since you apparently pick and choose what you read and went off the deep end with it. Anyone who knows me, knows I am very cheap and frugal when it comes to my money.

(Shit, this is coming from a girl who hasn't paid actual cash for beauty products, soap, shampoo, drinks, photobooks, whatever in well over two years because stores PAY ME to take it off their shelves. Go to " and see my blog and my stockpiles of free stuff I get using coupons and deal planning) If it's free, it's me.

1. I primarily support vendors who support us. If they give discounts to our members, our elites, and donate to help keep this site running why shouldn't I give them a some of my hard earned cash and support them? They don't HAVE to support us, Just like I don't HAVE to support them, but I choose to do so, because it's the right thing. I like our supporting vendors and want to keep them in business and show them, that their time, effort and investments are worth imputing into this community.

2. Which you missed* my 2nd line of qualifications... PRICE. If their prices are outrageous, or not on par with the rest, I'm not going to use them. If they are a fraction higher, I will support them if they have the items I need. 9/10 out of 10 with their promocodes on this site, I don't pay retail. I take advantage of their free shipping offers in conjunction with their promocodes.

3. I see what I need, when I need it and how long it will take to get to me. I usually order from those closest to me. I live in FL and I hate when my order takes forever to arrive. I am impatient like that and 9/10 when I order I'm close to being out of supplies.

So, I factor in ALL three things when ordering. There are non supporting vendors I support who have items I need/ want/desire and order from them when I have extra cash lying around, but it's not often.

Customer service is a factor,but I don't think I have used anyone's customer service in MONTHS, if not years because all of the vendors are primarily great vendors. I don't call and chat about my orders, I usually place them on line @ 2 am in the morning and then my junk gets sent out, it's right, and that's that. ......
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