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Default I'm mostly back

I've spent a few weeks in a Damascus hospital following a bunch of medical fallout hitting me from my old squadie days. Basically an old graft on my face gave out leading to massive gaping wound in my check and a lot of blood spilling out in the middle of a business meeting before things went downhill. An old bone graft gave out in leg and punched out of the skin followed by a bit of a forgotten casing fragment opened up my small intestine. All of which happened in the space of a week. Suffice it to say that the pain was horrid for the first two and intense beyond words for last one one leaving me debating if the "mortal husk" is worth the bother for a bit. I got a few more fake bits installed so hopefully things will hold up for a while which I say i'm only mostly back.

Anyway, on the upside, I did get to hangout with some very worthwhile people and a few politicos in ward I was in which was educational. Another upside was the efforts my friend and translator Aaarabisk securing me fantastic care and the kind hearted Na'eema going to great lengths to easy the bureaucratic hassle of recovery and tending to my needs as I wallowed in misery.

I did get to score a generous ration of a moassel as good as Shooting Star called "The Pride of Al-Qamishli" which is awesome and i'll be able to hit up several HPers with it as it's on it's way to the states now and i'll see to it that a few of the Europeans can get some as well. I'll give you all the story of how I got it in a while.

Oh, I got a bunch of PMs but I lack the energy to deal with answering them this morning.
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