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Default Re: hookah mythbusters ?

Originally Posted by smokey void View Post
thats an interesting idea, so did they just put milk in the base or what? you'd think after about an hour or so the milk would kinda get warm & make it taste weird
I could see that happening.. the other issue is you need to clean your hookah right after smoking.. because i would not want to leave warm milk sitting in my hookah for any amount of time.
But anyway i think the idea of taking time to test out many factors such as bowl difference, foil/screen, foil hole patterns, warm water/ice water and the significant amount of other differences that need to be debunked.. would be AWESOME. I should have done this for the science fair back when i was in school.. they might not have approved though... lol. But seriously, i think the best thing to do would be to get 2 of the same hookahs (or more for even more accuracy and do side by side testing. Perhaps my friends and i should approach the Federal Bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms and ask for a grant to do some research into the subject. Or propose the idea to a local college to study, but that would also mean i don't get to participate in the study.. unless i volunteer, which of course i would.
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