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Default Worst weekend ever

Sorry i havent been on lately but this weekend hasn't been the greatest for me. My friend threw a party this weekend and some asshole broke into my car and stole my hookah shit. We were smoking and drinking all night and when we got done i decided to put my shit in my car so no one steals it. I WAS WRONG! someone broke into my car and stole my bag. This includes everything! my nammor giza, nammor hose and all my accessories and shisha. On top of that i have a broken passenger window. I'm just happy nothing valuable was in my car. And as usual my dad decides to blame me for something bad happening that wasn't even my fault.

Stupid fucking highschool gang bangers that were at the party I HOPE YOU ALL BURN IN HELL!!!!

Unfortunately this also included my tub of soft black. So im sorry to everyone but i obviously can no longer trade my soft black like i promised.
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