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Default Re: Recent Climate of the forum

Originally Posted by Huskysibe View Post
Recently our beloved forum has turned into a nice big subtle pissing match. I have witnessed numerous accounts of individuals wishing ill will on one another and making disparaging comments towards each other in posts. This forum is the friendliest forum you will find bar none, but recently the crud has started creeping in. I am only going to put this out there one time. I dont care what outside influence is happening in your life or whatever entity has taken over your body momentarily but this general lack of respect for each other in this community is going to stop. We have a play nice policy that has been pretty relaxed, but if you cannot adhere to that policy then you will be forced to take a vacation to re-think your actions. This thread is not open for discusssion on forum rumors or whatever "insider" information you may think you have. Lets just cut the crap and get back to being the Best Damn Hookah Forum in the world!

QFT! Couldn't agree with you more Husky and hope people will adhere to this warning so they don't have to take a "vacation."
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