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Default Re: confused. to dry shisha or not to dry it

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
I think that the manufacturer has a certain idea for what their product should be. If you don't like the product there are plenty more that offer something closer to your standards. The really drippy tobacco is often the more expensive stuff so why would you pay for all that "exotic" glycerin and then take it out of the tobacco? Why do extra work and spend more money in the form of paper towels with every session when it's really not going to change much?

The wetter is without doubt not always the better.
Yeah i have as well noticed at a recent hookah bar that they squeeze a handful of the shisha and then sprinkle it in the bowl. They are using a different brand than i normally use, but on the flipside i never do this and my bowls seems to last longer, even with just as many people smoking from them. It seems silly to me to dry it out, but if you REALLY wanted to, i guess you could perhaps test the theory at home.. But i would highly recommend that if you do, use the same style of bowl and same brand and flavor for your test. Worst case scenario i guess you are only out a little bit of shisha.
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