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I am very comforted by all of the posters that wish me well and the interest in my well being. I think that something is going on that has permitted me to keep muddling along although I can't say what it is exactly or why I am still sucking air when I clearly shouldn't be. Anyway, it's good to be moving around again and well I can't say I like going back to the routine of haggling with politicos, bureaucrats and banksters about contractual crap it's infinitely better then my recent existence.

One neat aspect of my recent internment was that I got to spend some time with a tough as nails Syrian Coloneland got to talk about pan Arabism, Ba'athism and military life from a perspective totally different then mine which is good to have. I also got to talk with a big shot politico guy in the next bed over and found out that he reads HP and listens to Bo Diddly, The Yardbirds and Bevis Frond which is so far out I can't find words to describe it. I also got to learn a bit about the Alawite people since my chief surgeon is one ethnically but religiously is an Orthodox Christian which is odd to say the least. He's married to a Circassian which is an ethnicity you hear about but never encounter. My surgeon was also the fellow that introduced me to "The Pride of Al-Qamishli" moassel and is one of people that helps make it. He even had me help out in making some which was a very cool way to get a bit of tobacco lore under my belt.

I also got to met the cultural legend Sabri Moudallal (not at the hospital) and chap named Shaoubi that plays an amazing instrument called the jza which is new to me.

Oh, i'll have a post about The Pride of Al-Qamishli and how a few of you all can get a bit of it in the near term.
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